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For {Ex:Project code AL0198-M5}
In this way reply your selected projects.

Note: First come first serve will be preferred.

Confidential Conditions:  do not share this list and link with any others,  do not take print screens and snaps crossing the rules leads to legal actions.

Ending Date for any work billing time take 45 to 60 days

Z S.No Project Name Project Code Starting Date No.Of Months Work Cost Work Bill
41 AnimationLayout AL0041 15-11-2023 9Months 25L 30L
42 AnimationLayout AL0042 15-11-2023 8Months 25L 30L
43 AnimationLayout AL0043 15-11-2023 8Months 25L 30L
44 AnimationLayout AL0044 15-11-2023 10Months 25L 30L
45 AnimationLayout AL0045 15-11-2023 9Months 25L 30L
46 AnimationLayout AL0046 15-11-2023 9Months 25L 30L
47 AnimationLayout AL0047 15-11-2023 9Months 25L 25L
48 AnimationLayout AL0048 15-11-2023 9Months 25L 25L
49 AnimationLayout AL0049 15-11-2023 9Months 25L 25L
50 AnimationLayout AL0050 15-11-2023 9Months 25L 25L
1 AnimationBlackings AB0001 15-11-2023 9Months 30L 35L
2 AnimationBlackings AB0011 15-11-2023 9Months 30L 35L
3 AnimationBlackings AB0003 15-11-2023 9Months 30L 35L
4 AnimationBlackings AB0004 15-11-2023 9Months 30L 35L
5 AnimationBlackings AB0005 15-11-2023 9Months 30L 35L